I was born in Waynesboro, Virginia and moved to the Richmond area when I was seven. I had a lot of freedom as a young boy having been the 5th of 5 children. I think my parents were just worn out. I attended Bon Air Elementary, Robious JR High (where I met my wife Andrea for the first time), Midlothian High School, and eventually graduated from VCU.

It seems like I have always worked. I started at Bon Air Landscaping at 13 years old and being inquisitive in nature I always wanted to know how things worked. I moved from lawnmower repairs to cars and eventually found my niche solving computer problems.

Professionally I spent the first years working for multiple computer resellers around Richmond and was trained as an authorized Apple Technician. I spent the next 23 years at The Martin Agency and took early retirement in March of 2016.

I married my beautiful wife in 1988 and we that same year we moved into our first house in Midlothian. Three years later we had our one and only son Tim. We have lived in Midlothian ever since. My hobbies include golf, brewing beer, and chasing the elusive 40” Rockfish.