March 23, 2016 — 2nd Annual Area 5 Quiz Bowl

DSCF1834 Huguenot River Huguenot Trail 3 What was That Sam And Sarah Two Wise Men Midlo 6 Midlo 5 Midlo 4 Midlo 2 Midlo 3 DSCF1831 DSCF1849 DSCF1848 DSCF1867 DSCF1872 DSCF1878 DSCF1854 DSCF1873 DSCF1875 DSCF1870 DSCF1869 DSCF1856 DSCF1851 DSCF1847 DSCF1839 DSCF1842 DSCF1841